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#TBT The Veronicas Interview 6 Year Reunion

Nearly 6 years ago I interviewed Australian pop-stars The Veronicas in London. Back then the whole interviewing thing was still really new to me and my interview with the girls was actually my very first press day. I’d chatted to a few people before at shows but this was the first time I was waiting in a hotel lobby watching lots of other journalists come in and out until it was my turn. Needless to say, it was all pretty exciting and ended up being one of my favourite interviews. The girls were absolute sweethearts.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to catch up with the girls for the very first time since that day and thought as it’s now “Throwback Thursday” would be a good excuse to share the new interview and look back at the original.

The girls are on tour atm in the UK so make sure you catch them while they are over. If you’re at the London show, I’ll see you there. Enjoy x

2009 – Interview

2015 Interview

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