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Are Vegans Actually Preachy?

So, from being vegan for just over a month now I have already learnt so much more than I ever have about what happens to animals in our world and also how the rest of the world perceives the whole “vegan” thing. I thought I got enough shit just being vegetarian for the last 12+ years, but since becoming vegan it’s like a whole new wave of abuse has suddenly flocked in. It seems that some people now seem threatened by my eating choices. Have I changed who I am as a person? No. I just stopped eating dairy. So why all the fuss?

There seems to be this image of vegans as being “preachy” and I think this has something to do with it. Really though, this is just ridiculously stupid. So let’s just say one of my friends is really against homophobia and wants to make a stand and post out links to petitions and blogs about how it’s wrong. Chances are this guy/girl is gonna get a ton of support and no one is going to have a problem with it. If I post out saying ‘Hey guys, just found out the meat and dairy industry is pretty messed up and the animals are being treated like shit we should probably do something about it!” then I can pretty much guarantee someone will take offence and call me out for being a “preachy vegan” or try to convince me that I’m wrong. Am I wrong? Let’s be real for second. It’s common knowledge how we mass kill animals for food and clothing etc. and we ALL know that it’s pretty messed up; hence why people don’t like learning about it or watching videos exposing it. It’s a real world problem and 150 billion animals are killed purely for food every year (Source). You think they all get tucked up in bed and hang out in fields all day with their mates? The meat and dairy industries are awful, awful places for animals who are abused, degraded and treated as nothing but slaves and this happens every day. Anyways, don’t wanna get “preachy” now do I? But yeah, whether you are a vegan or not, I think most of us can agree that there is a problem here that is real and genuine. It’s not something that I’ve made up.

So, let’s look at why some vegans are seen as preachy. If you believe something is wrong and you wanna take a stand against it then you wanna try to make a difference. You want to try to educate people. You want the problem to stop. This is done out of passion for wanting to make a change and because of this you may wish to share your views to the world in the hope you may make even the smallest difference.

Yes, there will always be those people who stand up for any cause that may take things too far, or even look down on people who don’t believe what they do, but that doesn’t mean everyone is like that. Are all Islamic people bad? Of course not! But those extremists out there are giving everyone a bad rep. Don’t tar people with the same brush. People who know me know that I’m not going to look down on you if we share a dinner table and you have meat on your plate. But, that doesn’t stop everyone thinking that I will and I’m judging you all. Suddenly because I love and care for animals so much, I’m an asshole?

Strangely, I don’t even need to mention anything about the cause itself and the word “Vegan” alone is enough for someone to take offence to and start the next round of 50 questions and be concerned about where I’m getting my B12 and protein from. That and informing me that my opinion is totally wrong. The term “Just ate an awesome vegan cake” could now suddenly be preaching! Oh wait, you had egg on toast this morning and posted a photo on Instagram? You MUST be promoting the dairy industry surely? Or maybe your just talking about your breakfast and referring to the food you ate. Some people’s idea of preaching is very odd.

It makes me sad that people can stand up for homophobia, women’s rights, slave labour, racism, prejudice against other religions, be against war and people will take the time to hear them out yet if someone tries to stand up for another species, the animals, people are gonna shoot you down because, god forbid, something may mean they can’t eat a burger again. I find it strange that people will be fully up for supporting the banning of the Orca shows at Sea World, or stopping circus’ with animals, or giving money for pandas to survive but when it comes to something more than just giving a like on Facebook or a couple of pound a month suddenly they don’t want to know and it’s almost offensive to them. As I saw someone say in a video recently, no one is asking anyone to become a different person, just to change your eating habits to help solve a massive problem.

Let’s not forgot as well, if you support other world issues such as world hunger, deforestation etc then not eating animals actually helps these causes as well. Oh shit, did I just tell you all these facts? I must be preaching. I apologise.

So are vegans preachy? No more than anyone else who wants to stand up for something they believe in. Just a shame the thing we believe in is a problem people want to pretend doesn’t exist.

Just to end this on a nicer note.. here’s a video of some cute pigs playing 🙂

Photo Credit: smerikal via Compfight cc

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