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Lolawolf Get Deep & Glitchy Supporting Lily Allen!

I went down to Plymouth on the weekend to see Lolawolf supporting Lily Allen.

They were a bit of an odd support for Lily, and I think most of the crowd didn’t get them at all, but I actually really liked their set. Definitely not the right setting for them but it’s had me listening to their new album quite a lot since. Def worth checking out (see videos below). Also, fun fact for you, Zoe the singer is actually Lenny Kravitz’ daughter!

As with the last time I shot bands at Plymouth Pavilions, their lighting team love their single colour lighting set-up for the supports and most of Lolawolf’s set consisted of just a blue light. Luckily I had researched a fair bit to nail my camera settings and due to Lilys set-up they were lit up a bit better than the previous show so managed to actually get a bit of colour in there..

You can read my review of Lolawolf’s set on the HTF website here.

Canon 550D – Sigma 17-50MM – F2.8

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