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How A Hamster Made Me Decide To Become A Vegan

So I haven’t really written much on this new blog yet, pretty much just posted my photos so far, so thought I would write a bit about one of the biggest changes in my life at the moment, the decision to become a vegan; inspired by my girlfriend AND a little hamster called Ralph.

We got Ralph about two and a half years ago from a friend and it was my girlfriend and I’s first pet as a couple. When I first met my girlfriend she was never really an animal person. It wasn’t that she didn’t like them, it was more just she just saw them, as most people do, as just pets and nothing more. At the time she was also going through a lot in life. She suffered from depression, anxiety and confidence issues and was having therapy to help her. Having Ralph changed all of this.


Within those few years of her having to care for Ralph it totally changed her life. Seeing the scared little creature that Ralph first was when we got him develop confidence and trust towards us, and learning that Ralph was more than just some “disposable pet”, made her look at her own life in a totally different way. Just as Ralph grew in confidence with us, she grew in confidence in trusting other people. She learnt to look past the fact that Ralph was “just a hamster” and learnt to see him as a living, breathing being who had his own emotions and thoughts and from this she would learn why he would react to certain things. If he bit us was it because he is an “evil hamster” or was it because he was scared. Why was he scared? What did he like? What did he dislike? Again this learning converted into the real world and she would now look at other people and instead of seeing, for example, an angry person and think they are just an idiot, the thought pattern now would be more “Why are they angry? What has made them angry?”. Overall this built her trust with people, her confidence, she became happier as a person and the anxiety started easing away. She became a more caring person, a more compassionate person, a less judgemental person and a happier person and all in a big way thanks to a hamster. Ralph literally changed her life for the better more than you will ever know.

Sadly, Ralph passed away recently due to combination of old age and illness and, obviously with the effect he had on our lives, it was pretty devastating. As a mark of respect to him, my girlfriend decided she wanted to do something nice for animals and thought that becoming a vegan would be the best thing she could do and, it being something I have thought of doing for a long time, I was obviously fully onboard.

We know it’s not going to be easy but we are going to give it our best shot. We have already been power buying vegan products and she’s been busy learning new recipes but so-far-so-good! I can’t promise we will always be 100% perfect with it but we will do our best.

So there you go, the story of how one little hamster has made a huge impact on our lives, turned us vegan, and now will hopefully effect the lives of other animals. Love animals, love your pets, learn from them and be the best person you can be!



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