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TBT: The Time I Interviewed Ingrid Michaelson About Microwaves, Oranges and Cats

Back in 2009, before the days of HTF, I ran another online mag called Vexed with a mate.

I was up in London visiting some friends and was contacted by a PR company about interviewing a Canadian singer/song-writer called Ingrid Michaelson. To be honest, at the time I had never heard of her. All I knew is she wrote ‘Parachutes‘ for Cheryl Cole (or whatever she is called these days) but, as I was in London at the time anyways, I thought it could be good fun and we ventured off to a hotel to meet her.

She was absolutely knackered from jet-lag and we were the last interview of the day so, as you can imagine, she was ready to go and sleep. Before the interview I said to her “I hope your ready for these questions because I’m not going to ask you anything you have had before” and she was like “Yeah, yeah yeah! Heard that before”. What she didn’t know is I had trawled through months and months or her tweets to find out the most obscure, weird and hilarious things I could find to ask her about. She absolutely loved it and it’s still today one of my favourite interviews.

Ingrid you are a legend! Let’s do this again soon.

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