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Snapped & Reviewed Decade (In The Style Of A 5 Year Old)

Continuing on from my last A Day To Remember post, I also took some photos and reviewed Decade. Me and a mate were chatting during the show and decided it would be hilarious if I reviewed the show in the style of a child. After thinking it over, and checking with other people this idea wasn’t totally insane, I actually went ahead and did it and it’s probably my best work to date ha You can give it a read here.

Photo wise this show was a bit of a challenge due to a horrible red light throughout most of the show; hence the black and white and strangely coloured shots. Alex from Decade posted the first one on his Instagram though so I’d call that a result overall.

Canon 550D – Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 – No Flash

Decade Instagram

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